PEOPLE are being warned about the dangers of too much salt in their diets.

And as part of a district-wide campaign, takeaway businesses are being encouraged to examine ways of making their meals healthier.

Behind the initiative is the Good Food Bradford Project – a partnership involving West Yorkshire Trading Standards, Bradford Council and participating food outlets.

Samples taken by the project show that a single takeaway meal can contain more than an adult’s recommended salt intake for a whole day.

Excess salt increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and is associated with other health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, strokes, stomach cancer, kidney disease and obesity.

The Good Food Bradford Project is urging businesses to use healthier cooking methods and ingredients and is offering free training and support.

Healthier, five-hole salt shakers are being given away.

Its campaign coincides with National Salt Awareness Week, which runs until Sunday, March 26.

As part of the venture, the project is also using social media to warn members of the public about the harmful effects of excess salt in the diet and provide useful tips.

And people can nominate their local takeaway for a Good Food Bradford Award.

David Lodge, head of West Yorkshire Trading Standards, said: “This is a great opportunity for the Good Food Bradford Project to increase the awareness of issues surrounding too much salt in the diet, as well as providing business owners with the resources needed to help customers lower their salt intake when eating from their establishment.”

For more details, contact Amy Lamond on or 0113 393 9879.