A PROUD bus driver who died earlier this year has had a new First Bradford vehicle named after him.

Leo Shackleton joined the company in 1972 and drove routes across Bradford until his retirement 41 years later.

The new vehicle, which will run on the 620 Haworth Road to Bierley circular, is the 12th and last bus of a £2.5 million investment by First in low emission, single decker buses in the district.

The idea to name the bus after Mr Shackleton came from his grandchildren after his death in January.

Mr Shackleton was very popular at work and well-known in the Thornton area as a family man with four children, two step-children, 18 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and wife, Deborah.

Mrs Shackleton said: "It was a great idea by the grandchildren to name one of these super new buses after Leo. He was proud to work on the buses for so many years and I'm really grateful for everything First Bradford have done."

Colin Brushwood, operations manager for First Bradford, said: "We're delighted to name our buses after people and organisations that have had such a big impact on our local community."