IT IS more than a century since Harry Houdini stunned audiences at St George's Hall, Bradford, with his escapology stunt of freeing himself from shackles while submerged in a tank of water.

Now 110 years later illusionist Jamie Allan is to repeat the water tank routine on the same stage.

The stunt has been rarely performed since it helped to seal Houdini's legendary status but Allen, who has found his own fame as a television illusionist, is bringing it back with a modern twist.

Just like Houdini, the audience will see him shackled before being plunged into a glass water tank, but this time as the clock ticks the sound of his heart will be amplified by loudspeakers as he struggles to break free.

He said: “For this particular illusion, it has to be dangerous for it to be exciting. That is what Houdini intended and we have to stick by his principles. So I’m afraid there’s no health and safety rules for me in this act.”

The show takes place on Thursday, February 12.