THEY’RE as American as Thanksgiving turkey and cheeseburgers ­— but the Osmonds know where in the world to find the best fish and chips.

The current incarnation of the family’s musical dynasty were in town ahead of the Hearing Fund UK’s third annual gala, to help raise support for those affected by deafness.

But they made a detour ahead of that event to visit the Wetherby Whaler restaurant in Guiseley, an outlet steeped in the tradition of the UK’s favourite fast food.

Merrill Osmond, who started with the group in the 1960s when they were performing to earn the cash to buy hearing aids for family members affected by deafness, said: “The first thing I asked when we got here was where to find the best fish and chips. This was recommended.”

Merrill will perform Osmonds’ classics at the gala at Leeds City Varieties on Sunday.