A KEIGHLEY charity shop is hoping to re-unite a set of old family photographs with its rightful owner.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue, which has a shop in Cavendish Street, understands that the pictures have probably been donated accidentally inside a box of clothing.

The 25 black and white images are believed to date from around the 1960s. They show family gatherings, including what appears to be a wedding, and also passengers disembarking from an Australian Qantas airline aircraft.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue shop manager, Helen Wilkinson, said she and her colleagues suspected the photos may have been inadvertently handed over on Saturday, August 16.

"We can't be 100 per cent sure if it was this person, but a chap came in who was from Canada and was over here to sort out the belongings of his father who had died," she said.

"We found the photos in a neat pile inside a cardboard box of nicely folded older person's clothes.

Mrs Wilkinson added that it is often impossible for staff to check through donated material while the donors are still present, as many people drop items off at the shop then immediately leave.

Anyone who knows who the photographs belong to can call 01535 611283 to contact the shop.