GROUPS in the Keighley area are being asked for their views on the funding of community centres and community development work.

Bradford Council is holding a consultation session next week on its proposals for commissioning services across the district.

The Council currently pays many voluntary groups to run community centres or employ workers organising activities in their neighbourhoods.

The Council is developing a new process for how it commissions such community development work and provides the running costs of buildings.

Funding decisions are being devolved to the Council’s five area committees, including one which covers Keighley, Ilkley and surrounding villages.

The Keighley meeting will be at Victoria Hall on Wednesday, September 3 at 7pm.

The Council said it was essential that groups attend if they hoped to deliver new commissions from next April, or wanted to influence how the commissions were developed.

Anyone interested in attending should email or call 01535 618008.