WORK is well underway to create a place of remembrance and quiet contemplation in Haworth.

A memorial garden is being developed in Haworth Central Park, near the entrance on Bridgehouse Lane.

A total of £2,000 worth of funding has been offered by Bradford Council, and apprentices from Keighley Campus Leeds City College have been carrying out some of the building work over the summer as part of their training.

The project is being overseen and co-ordinated by the Friends of Haworth Central Park.

Friends group spokesman, Gill Hill, said the work to clear the land had been planned to start last November, but was delayed by bad weather and lack of availability of the necessary machinery.

She said one of the initiative's objectives was to encourage people to use this area to place memorials to their loved ones, rather than on Penistone Hill outside Haworth.

"A lot of benches and non-indigenous plants kept appearing on the moors, and this needed to be stopped because the moors are a very sensitive location," she said.

"Bradford Met has given us a grant to start work on the memorial garden, which is where people will be able to have a bench or plaque in future."