A SCHEME to encourage dog owners to be more responsible is being rolled out across the district after success in Bingley.

The Green Dog Walkers project invites volunteers to sign-up to provide a non-confrontational way to deal with dog walkers who allow their pets to foul in public without cleaning up. They wear green armbands and offer other walkers doggie bags and advice.

During the summer, Bradford Council wardens have been setting up stalls to encourage people to get involved, inclduing one at Shipley Glen.

Paula Truman, from the Shipley Area Co-ordinator's office, said: "We have had some complaints about dog fouling on Shipley Glen so we were there to encourage people to sign up. There was a pilot scheme in Bingley before Christmas and it has taken off really well there, the residents have really gotten behind it.

"Not cleaning up after your dog needs to be considered something that is anti social and unacceptable."