A frightened family has called for police to take action after youths damaged their car during a night of hooliganism in Bradford.

The gang was caught on dramatic CCTV footage during the wrecking spree early yesterday.

Around £1,500 of damage was caused to Sajid Mahmood's Subaru Impreza when it was deliberately rammed by a gang in a car, who then smashed the windscreen with a hammer.

It was the second time 39-year-old Mr Mahmood's distinctive car, worth around £4,000, had been targeted in less than a week.

Police are examining possible links to two similar incidents on the same night - all involving a silver Honda Civic.

CCTV cameras outside the family's terraced home, in Glendare Road, Lidget Green, Bradford, captured the silver Honda being reversed twice into the side of their car, which was parked outside in the street, in the early hours of yesterday.

Seconds later one of the occupants is seen getting out of the Honda and smashing the Subaru's windscreen with a hammer. A passenger window, the front and rear bumpers, a spoiler, and the passenger side of the car were also damaged in the incident.

Mr Mahmood's wife, Shaheen Mahmood, 37, said: "Our three children are scared witless by what has happened.

"It was clearly deliberate damage, plain and simple, for the hell of it.

"We've not upset anybody. We work hard for a living to buy nice things and have a nice car parked outside, and some hooligans come along and damage them.

"We dare not go outside the front door in case something else happens. We want the police to take action. We want them to find who is doing this and deal with them."

Mrs Mahmood said police had told them there had been other similar incidents in the area on the same evening.

And she said the previous Friday evening, the Subaru, which Mr Mahmood had spent £1,500 doing up, had its bodywork dinted when what they believe was the same car skidded into it in the car park of a food producer in Cemetery Road, Lidget Green. That incident has been reported to police.

Mrs Mahmood said there were five people in the car, all Asian and wearing hoodies.

She added: "We are sure they are local youths. They have been seen driving in the area in the same vehicle. The whole neighbourhood has seen them."

PC Dan Stocks, of the Bradford South Area Neighbourhood Team, said: "We are investigating links between this incident and two similar ones, which occurred in Dixon Avenue, Scholemoor, at around 9.30pm on Wednesday night and Springfield Avenue, Scholemoor, at around 12.55am yesterday

"A silver vehicle, possibly a Honda Civic, was seen in the area around the time of these incidents and we would like anyone who saw this vehicle, or who may have more information, to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111."

An Audi A4 suffered damage to its offside rear door when it was driven into while parked in Dixon Avenue, while a Vauxhall Astra was twice reversed into, causing damage to the front nearside wing and bumper, while parked in Springfield Avenue.

PC Stocks added: "We would like to reassure the victims that these incidents are being treated seriously, and that officers are doing all they can to locate this vehicle, which will probably be showing some signs of collision damage."