A PROUD villager hopes Queensbury can host its first 1940s-themed day later this year.

Susan Dickerson is one of a number of people wanting to pack the village with swing bands, a street tea party, army uniforms, live music, dancing, 1940s fashion, stalls and vehicles from the era.

The Queensbury Community 1940s Day, which would start at noon - is currently pencilled in for September 27 and an application to close off Chapel Street in the village has been lodged with Bradford Council.

A spokesman for the authority said the organisers had been asked to provide further details of the event to the highways service.

Mrs Dickerson said the George III pub and Queensbury Conservative Club were involved and added: "It would be great to have a 1940s tea between both these venues and our community brass bands playing, and also to have lots of other entertainment so that Queensbury community can all have a great family 1940s street party - depending on the weather.

"In the evening we will have a 1940s dance in Queensbury Conservative Club.

"It would be the first-ever as far as I know. The only similar thing I can think of is the Victorian street market at Christmas. But nothing like this has happened in this village while I've lived here, and I've lived here 17 years.

"I am quite emotional about village life, what goes on, community spirit and everything. I have always had this passion about putting on a community event in the village.

"It will be for anyone in the village and local surrounding areas that wants to take part."

Councillor Paul Cromie (Queensbury, Ind) backed the idea. He said: "It is all about community cohesion in Queensbury. It is brilliant, everyone moving forward. It would be a good day.

"I am certain people will enjoy it and hopefully a lot of people will get into character."

Mrs Dickerson added: "It is like the Haworth one and the one at Brighouse. The Brighouse one inspired me more - it is the community spirit of it all. And it is something different. I think people maybe quite like to take a step back in time and do something different."

"It will be on a smaller scale to Haworth at this point. If I had thought about it 12 months ago, maybe we could have gone bigger.

"If people like it, why not expand it."