MOST of us struggle to make it through a year without having any sick days - but one Bradford schoolgirl has made it through her whole school life without a single day off.

Alisha Sharif is is in her final year at St Matthew's Primary School in West Bowling and in her five years at the school has yet to miss a day.

The school has acknowledged the achievement by presenting Alisha with a laptop at a prize giving assembly where around 100 other students received perfect attendance certificates for the spring term.

But staff felt the 11-year-old deserved extra recognition for her 15 terms without missing a day.

She will be attending Kings Science Academy from September and head teacher Bob Curran said it would be a big loss to the school. He said the school had asked parents who all felt Alisha's efforts should be recognised.

He added: "She has had no days off and no appointments in school time - we couldn't just let that pass. We have assemblies every term for good attendance and we surprised her at the end of the assembly and had her parents come in."