TOILETS have reopened in Skipton's Coach Street car park following a £70,000 refurbishment.

The toilets were opened by Skipton Mayor, Cllr John Dawson.

Paid for largely by the town council, but with donations from Craven District Council and the Tarn Moor Trust, the toilets have a voluntary charge and will be subjected to a new cleaning regime to make sure they remain in top condition.

Town council leader, Cllr Chris Harbron, said the council - which manages the toilets for Craven Council - had always been convinced of the need of public facilities in the car park.

"We were also conscious that, in their previous condition, they did not create the correct impression of Skipton and we'd been receiving an increasing number of complaints."

The toilets are open from 8am to 6pm and there is a voluntary donation of 20p. Users are also being asked to report any sign of damage to the town council.