ART and design students at a Bradford academy have ended their school year with an exhibition allowing them to show off their hard work.

GCSE and A Level students at Oasis Academy in Lister Park showed off their final pieces during the exhibition, held yesterday and entitled "Our Great Expectations."

Staff arranged the exhibition to give the students a chance for the wider community, and not just examiners, to see their work in a gallery style setting.

The works at the exhibition, which was open to the public on Tuesday evening, took in several different media and styles, both 2D and 3D, and as well as the work from about 30 students there were showings from professional artists too.

On display were works by renowned artists Eric Broug, Anjum Dar, Maryam Golubeva and Craig Dyson.

And other pupils and staff used the exhibition to showcase their art, created with under the instruction of "A4 only."