THE search is on to find Bradford's healthiest curries to help beat diabetes in the city.

Restaurants are being challenged by Bradford Beating Diabetes doctors to come up with their healthiest version of the dish as part of National Diabetes Week which ends this Saturday .

Recipe ideas will be gathered for a possible cook-off event may be at the city's curry festival later this year - and be shared with curry fans wanting to enjoy a healthier spicy treat.

Dr Adeel Iqbal, GP lead for long-term conditions at NHS Bradford City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: "Everyone loves curry but all too often it isn’t as healthy as it could be. "But we are sure there are lots of talented chefs in Bradford’s busy restaurants who could come up with a healthier version which would be just as tasty and delicious.

“This would be great news for the many diabetic patients in the city and for those who are at risk of developing diabetes which we know can be controlled and even prevented in some cases, by a healthy diet and exercise.

“A healthier version of a traditional curry would also be good news for anyone with another long term condition or anyone who just wants to follow a healthy diet. The challenge is now on and we’re sure Bradford restaurants will rise to it.”

The Bradford Beating Diabetes campaign was started by NHS Bradford City CCG in 2013 to raise awareness of the disease and prevent people from developing it.

Already the campaign has identified more than 400 people with diabetes, others who are known to be at high risk of developing diabetes have received letters from their GPs inviting them to attend an appointment for a blood test to better understand their risk and find out how they can help prevent it.

A second batch of letters is due to go out shortly to invite even more people for GP appointments.

There are more than 7,500 diabetic patients in the city area with an additional 5,700 people at moderate to high risk of developing the most common type of diabetes, Type 2.

Bradford restaurants who want to take part in the healthy curry challenge should e-mail with their recipe ideas.