A video images expert told a murder trial jury today how he identified two vehicles alleged to have been used by the suspects.

Matthew Cass examined CCTV footage capturing the movements of a black Mitsubishi 4X4 vehicle and a light Vauxhall Astra during a four-hour period spanning the murder of 50-year-old Barry Selby at his home in East Bowling, Bradford, and an earlier shooting incident at a house in Holme Wood.

Mr Selby died four days after sulphuric acid was thrown over him by intruders who broke into his bedroom in Rayleigh Street. He was also shot in the legs.

The attack followed shots being fired at a house in Farway, Holme Wood.

The prosecution claims the incidents were in retaliation against Mr Selby's son, Liam, following violent incidents between two groups of men in Holme Wood.

Lee Calvert, 23, of Stirling Crescent, Holme Wood; Joseph Lowther, 22, of Copgrove Road, Holme Wood; Robert Woodhead, 28, of Fred's Place, Tyersal; and Andrew Feather, 23, of Heysham Drive, Holme Wood - are on trial, accused of Mr Selby's murder. They plead not guilty, and also deny two firearms charges.

Prosecutor Simon Myerson QC has alleged Mr Selby's attackers were driven away in the MItsubishi, while the Astra belonged to Feather, who is alleged to have been the back up.

Mr Cass said he identified the light vehicle as a Mark 5 Astra with a number of distinctive features, including dark-coloured wing mirror shelves, one of the rear number plate lights not working, a defective offside brake light and light tones indicating stickers on the windscreen.

He told the jury it was very unlikely the CCTV sightings were of another vehicle. "I cannot absolutely exclude another vehicle being present. The likelihood is incredibly small there is another vehicle doing this."

Mr Cass said the black Mitsubishi had a failed nearside tail light. He identified the vehicle as a Mitsubishi L200 Warrior. He said he had seen clips of the vehicle leaving Rayleigh Street without lights.

Calvert's girlfriend, Natasha Wall, 24, of Stirling Crescent, denies perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.