A mystery correspondent is abusing a Freepost service in a bizarre vendetta against some councillors.

Hundreds of pizza flyers, shop adverts and other junk mail has been piling up at the Bradford offices of the Liberal Democrats – all sent by one person taking advantage of the group’s Freepost address.

Now angry councillors, who have narrowed down the address of the perpetrator to a few streets in Eccleshill, are sending samples of the handwriting on the envelopes to every home in the area.

The councillors hope that neighbours will recognise the writing and be able to help them identify who is responsible.

The leader of the Council’s Liberal Democrat group, Coucillor Jeanette Sunderland, said the abuse had been going on for nearly two years and had so far cost hundreds of pounds in postage fees.

She said: “We now no longer can tolerate this. He’s even sending the Council’s own Community Pride newspaper to us.

“He probably thinks it’s really funny. I guess he’s trying to tell us that our letters are just junk, along with all this other junk.”

Coun Sunderland said the Freepost address was advertised on the group’s regular letters to residents, and that its councillors paid for it out of their own allowances.

She said it was a well-used service which allowed people to get in touch to share their views on local issues, or report problems.

She said: “We offer it as a service and we get a lot of people who actually can’t afford the postage and we as councillors pay for it. The Council has its own Freepost address but we don’t use it because we think that is campaigning on the rates.”

Coun Sunderland said they had now been forced to suspend the Freepost service in the Eccleshill neighbourhood temporarily, while they tried to track down the culprit.

She said: “We have spoken to the police and we have spoken to Royal Mail and we are following its advice on how to tackle this.

“This is just an abuse of a service that we have been offering for nearly 20 years and we have never had a problem like this.”