The leader of Bradford Council’s Conservative group has reported himself for investigation after allegedly being caught using taxpayer-funded Council stationery for electioneering.

Councillor Glen Miller, who was re-elected for another four-year term last month, said he had made an “honest mistake” and would reimburse the local authority in full.

The Telegraph & Argus understands that a complaint has been made to Bradford Council that before the elections, Coun Miller had used taxpayer-funded Council paper and envelopes to print election material on.

Coun Miller did not want to comment on the details of the allegation - such as whether the materials concerned were leaflets or letters, or how many had been printed.

He said it would be inappropriate to talk about it while a Council investigation was on-going.

But he added: “It was an honest mistake. I am in the process of rectifying it and the Council is going through its own process.”

Coun Miller said as soon as a Council officer had reported the allegation to him, he had admitted it.

He said: “We make mistakes in life. As soon as it was pointed out to me, I said, ‘Yes, I did do that’.

“I have asked them to give me the costs and I will reimburse them for it.

“I have reported myself to the Standards Committee and I will make a donation to charity.”

Coun Miller said the donation would be made to the annual Lord Mayor’s Appeal as a gesture of goodwill.

A spokesman for Bradford Council said: “An allegation has been made and we are looking into it.”

Councillor David Green, leader of the Labour group, declined to comment on the matter.

But Councillor Jeanette Sunderland, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, said: “He’s clearly been caught banged to rights, and he has done the right thing by owning up.

“That is commendable, he could have tried to hide it.”

She said the incident could hopefully spark a wider debate on what was and was not acceptable to put on official Council letters.