More than 11,000 people were admitted to hospital with alcohol-related problems in Bradford in a year, the highest rate anywhere in West Yorkshire, new figures have revealed.

A report published yesterday by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) showed that 11,410 people across the district received hospital treatment for alcohol-related incidents during 2012/13.

The Bradford figures were higher than Wakefield’s, which showed an average of 2,170 admissions per 100,000 population, and Calderdale’s at 1,970.

The Commissioning Manager for Substance Misuse at Bradford Council, Liz Barry, said 15 per cent more people across the district were now accessing specialist alcohol treatment services compared to 2012/13 when the figures were produced.

“We are aware of the continuing issue in the Bradford district of alcohol-related and specific admissions to hospital, and are working hard to bring the figures down towards the national average,” she said.

“Alcohol Care Teams, staffed by alcohol clinical nurse specialists, work in both Bradford Royal Infirmary and Airedale General Hospital with people identified as having an alcohol-related admission.

“Last year they worked with over 2,000 people, undertaking assessments, giving them advice and referring them on to specialist alcohol services as appropriate. We have increased our service provision in GP practices to start identifying people who are developing alcohol problems sooner, so they can be offered help, advice and support before they require more specialist treatment.”

Of the 11,410 admissions across Bradford, 7,340, or 64 per cent, were men and 4,070, 36 per cent, were women, making them again the highest rates by gender across West Yorkshire.

According to figures obtained from Bradford Council in February, up to 92,000 people across the district may be drinking at hazardous levels.