A tongue-in-cheek video telling Tour de France cyclists what to expect when the famous race comes to Yorkshire has gone viral on the internet.

Brothers Alistaire and Peter MacGregor’s humourous montage pays homage to the flat cap, pie and peas, sheep and the weather.

It got about 10,000 hits in the first few hours after it was posted onto video-sharing website YouTube. Up to date, it has about 50,000 hits.

The Grand Depart event comes to Yorkshire - including the Bradford district - on July 5 and 6.

Alistaire, 31, said the inspiration for the video came from seeing an elderly gentleman tackling a part of Holme Moss, one of the King of the Mountain stages on the Grand Depart.

“I saw an old guy going up the hill on an old steel bike that looked like it weighed more than my car, with all this heavy gear on,” said Alistaire.

The brothers wrote the script and jokes for the video in the pub. They include reminding the cyclists that no bright colours are allowed, and instead they should wear a brown or grey cardigan.

Competitors are also advised to wear a big, heavy donkey jacket instead of flimsy cycling gear to combat weather such as wind, rain and snow, and also to don a flat cap instead of a helmet.

The brothers also jokingly suggest the King of the Mountain title will have to be renamed because there was only one King in Yorkshire - Geoffrey Boycott.

“Everyone seems to love it,” said Alistaire. “It shows how amazing the Tour de France is going to be.”