A 22-year-old man who created a cannabis factory at his home has been given a community order.

Bradford Crown Court was told yesterday that police went to his home in Ranelagh Avenue, Ravenscliffe, Bradford, on January 4 this year and found the cannabis factory in a back bedroom. There were 14 plants, along with high-powered lighting, ventilation, air ducting, filters and fans, and the windows and doors were covered to prevent light getting in.

Prosecutor Ewan McLachlan said the street value of the cannabis was estimated at £5,400.

Matthew Mee, who pleaded guilty to producing cannabis, told police he was growing it for his own use and Mr McLachlan said there was no evidence to suggest Mee was dealing the drug.

Judge Peter Benson imposed a 12-month community order, with 100 hours unpaid work and a medium level activity requirement.