A “three strikes” drug dealer was jailed for seven years yesterday.

Nathan Fatty, also known as Nathan White, was caught with a supply of drugs for the third time in eight years, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Peter Byrne said Fatty, 30, was stopped by police in a routine check on January 17 last year as he drove near the Gatehaus complex in Little Germany, where he lived.

Mr Byrne said officers decided to detain him and found him in possession of £390. Fatty threw away a Kinder egg, found to contain heroin and cocaine.

Police searched his flat and found more drugs and £830 in a kitchen drawer. The total street value of the drugs was £295.

Fatty was arrested and put in the back of a police van where he bit an officer on the arm.

Mr Byrne said the defendant was heard to say: “You don’t know what I’ve got.” The constable had to have inoculations for hepatitis B and was anxious about his health for several months.

Fatty was taken to Trafalgar House police station but complained of feeling unwell and claimed he had swallowed wraps of heroin and crack cocaine.

He was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary but became aggressive when it was decided to keep him in overnight for observations.

Fatty was convicted of three charges of possessing class A drugs heroin and cocaine with intent to supply and one of assault. He admitted racially aggravated assault.

Fatty had been convicted of supplying drugs in 2005 and 2008.

His solicitor, Ian Hudson, said his client fell to be sentenced as a three-strikes dealer but argued that it would be unjust because of the particular circumstances of the offence and the offender.

Judge David Hatton QC rejected the argument and jailed Fatty for seven years.