West Yorkshire Police have denied claims that safety was put at risk over concerns with an alarm system at a Bradford police station.

Former handyman and driver Keith Meredith said he felt he had no choice but to leave the force after raising concerns about the system at Trafalgar House in Bradford city centre, which he felt could endanger the lives of people in the building should there be a fire.

“The problem is that they’re playing Russian roulette with people’s lives,” he said.

He claimed screens on the control panels showed “indecipherable” information which could direct firefighters to the wrong area of building in an emergency.

But the police have denied that safety was ever at risk. John Prentice, director of business services at West Yorkshire Police, said: “While it is accepted there were some issues with the fire alarm system at Trafalgar House, these have now been rectified and the system is now in full working order.

“It is important to stress that at no time were officers, staff or prisoners put at risk by these issues, nor during any work which has been carried out to fix them.”

He said the alarm is tested weekly. West Yorkshire Police takes safety seriously and undertakes risk assessments of its premises to make sure that any issues are addressed by management.