Beleaguered former Bradford Bulls boss Omar Khan is being pursued for the repayment of £905,000 the club received for playing in Super League.

Super League (Europe) Ltd, via the Rugby Football League (RFL), has lodged a claim for the cash with the administrators of doomed company OK Bulls Ltd.

The claim was revealed following a creditors’ meeting.

Blake Solly, the RFL’s director of standards and licensing, said the figure was money from Sky for playing in the Super League.

Mr Khan has, however, contested the figure, including an initial rebuttal that the number is at the very least £205,000 too much.

Mr Solly said: “When Omar Khan decided to take on the club and sought to have the club playing Super League for the 2013/14 season, he and the company guaranteed any distribution money that they would receive in that time. Whatever Super League (Europe) Ltd paid across, if there was an insolvency in the 2013/14 season he would pay it back.”

He added: “£905,000 was received by the club before it was sold to Marc Green.

“They (OK Bulls Ltd) are entitled to contest the claim, but we have to let the administrator know what we think is owed to us.”

Mr Solly said the money was received by the club between August 2012 and February 28 this year.

“The figure is the figure,” said Mr Solly.

“And as far as we are concerned we expect Omar Khan to honour that as he said he will with Bradford Council.”

Last month, Mr Khan vowed to repay a £200,000 loan to the authority. On the £905,000, a spokesman for Mr Khan said: “The RFL (Super League Europe) figure has been agreed by the administrator to be overstated by at least £205,000.”

In a statement, Mr Khan said: “A claim from the RFL for £905,000 had been lodged the day before the meeting, although there is no mention of this in the administrator’s report or statement of affairs.

“I fail to understand why this claim was never commented on by the administrator who was obviously aware of it before his report went out.

In an e-mail from the RFL which was copied to the administrator, they said the claim was of the order of £622,072.77, an amount which I do not accept.

“I therefore do no understand why it was not included in the administrator’s report or his statement of affairs.

“Consequently a formal objection was also lodged in respect of the claim for £905,000.

“I am further advised that I have 21 days to object to the way the meeting was conducted and I am taking legal advice next week regarding making an application to court.”

Mr Khan’s spokesman added that the £205,000 was paid to the administrator between the end of January when the Bulls went into administration, and February 28.

Following the creditors’ meeting, Mr Khan released a statement, which read: “Firstly, the administrator’s proposals refer to a figure of £375,658 in respect of my claim.

“This was patently incorrect, but the administrator never consulted me regarding my claim prior to sending out the proposals with his Statement of Affairs.

“Following the receipt of the proposals and the submission of substantial paperwork to support my claim, and also discussions at Wednesday’s meeting, the administrator allowed me to vote my claim at approximately £998,000.

“This is still substantially below my figure and a formal objection was made.”