Pupils at a Bradford school are getting to learn a sport that rarely makes it into PE lessons thanks to an Olympic Legacy project.

Horton Park Primary School were recently given a cash grant of £660 from chartered accountants Watson Buckle and their Olympic Legacy fund. The money will be spent on archery equipment, such as a curtain to help stop stray arrows.

The sport is more popular than ever, thanks to the Olympics and bow and arrow-heavy films like Hunger Games, Brave and The Avengers.

The school applied for the grant as it is looking to introduce the Olympic sport into the school’s curriculum for years 4, 5 and 6, as well as setting up an archery club within the school and an inter-schools archery competition.

Mark Parry, Outdoor Education and Extended Learning Co-ordinator at Horton Park, said: “Through archery, pupils will gain health benefits including strength, endurance and hand-eye coordination. Archery also requires a great deal of focus, so pupils will learn how to improve their concentration, slow down their breathing and overcome distraction.”