A book lending library with a green fingered twist has opened for the residents of Skipton’s Greatwood and Horse Close estates.

Not only can residents borrow books, CDs and computer games – but they can also take out a lawnmower or a number of other garden tools.

The opening, at Greatwood and Horse Close Community Centre, was attended by several residents, the police and councillors.

And it was opened by Pat Haygarth, chairman of the residents’ association.

“I am so pleased to see members of the community coming together to create fantastic community resources,” said Yorkshire Housing’s community development advisor Caroline Leiper.

“My role is to encourage and support residents’ ideas to utilise the centre’s facilities.

“We can also look for funding to support some of these ideas. Working with the residents’ association, we continue to make this a centre for the community which includes members of all housing associations.”

Ms Leiper said she would like to thank all those who donated books for the library, and in particular the large print and bi-lingual ones.

“Our aim is that everyone feels welcome to access the centre and join in our schemes and activities,” she said.

Ward Councillor Andy Solloway paid tribute to association member Doug Martin for all his efforts in getting the library started.

“I think it will be very useful and the garden tool hire is a brilliant idea. For people with a small bit of lawn who don’t own a lawnmower, they can just go an hire one.”

And fellow ward councillor Robert Heseltine said the credit for the continued success of the association must go to the dedication of the residents. “I am sure this latest innovation with the library and garden tool use will be greatly appreciated by all,” he said.

For more information, call on (01756) 701386.