Campaigners who want to give Bingley a political voice by forming a new town council are asking anyone interested to get in touch and join their cause.

The Bingley Community Council Group is seeking the creation of a council covering Bingley, Cottingley, Crossflatts, Eldwick, Gilstead and Micklethwaite.

The council would take the form of a town, parish or community council with elected, unpaid councillors and would be in addition to Bradford Council.

“It’s time Bingley and its five neighbouring communities had a voice,” said BCCG chairman Ros Dawson, who grew up and lives in the town.

“A local council would provide that voice, be a forum where residents could raise and discuss issues that matter to the place they live in and put forward Bingley’s views to district and other authorities.

“It’s about sticking up for Bingley. There’s so much that needs to be done and our town has suffered many setbacks recently.

Bingley Community Council Group has started research into the creation of a council, meets monthly and is open to new members.

And the initiative is supported by the National Association of Local Councils and Bingley Civic Trust.

Dr John Findlay, chairman of the Civic Trust, said: “A local council would provide a meeting place for many Bingley groups to seek support and provide a hub for coordination. We would strive to ensure the council does not become political but unites residents and tackles the pressing issues facing Bingley.”

More information and the chance take part can be found at or on the Bingley Council Group Facebook page.