A passing A&E doctor came to the aid of a badly injured driver after a car crash in Bradford.

A Mitsubishi Lancer hit a wall in Apperley Lane, Apperley Bridge, at about 10am yesterday, and the male driver, 32, was airlifted to hospital.

An off-duty A&E doctor was the first medic on the scene.

She found the driver unconscious and started administering first aid as emergency services made their way there.

The man had regained consciousness by the time firefighters from Rawdon fire station arrived.

Crew Commander Andy Dracup said: “By the time we had got there, he had come to and he was conscious and breathing.”

He said a Yorkshire Air Ambulance landed in a field next to the crash site, and firefighters worked with them to free the injured man.

He said: “We cut the roof off the car and then he was taken out on a long board.”

The driver, who had suffered back and head injuries, was then flown to Leeds General Infirmary.

Police have urged witnesses to the crash to contact officers on 101.