A man living in Bradford has been jailed for seven and a half years after a court heard he was the second person to rape a vulnerable woman on the same night.

The 21-year-old victim had already been plied with vodka and drugged at a house in Leeds where she was raped by another man Vojtech Bady while Jan Gorol was upstairs.

Afterwards, the pair then drove her to Gorol’s address in Washington Street, Girlington, Bradford, where she was raped again, this time by Gorol, a Czech living in the UK since 2011.

Mark McKone prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court yesterday that their victim was vulnerable because she had drunk so much vodka while out in Leeds on September 20 last year she had collapsed in the street.

She was treated in hospital and after she was released went into a shop in Roundhay Road where she saw Bady, a Slovakian, and asked him for a lift to a friend’s home.

He walked her to his car where Gorol was waiting. Bady bought more vodka at a supermarket before they went to an address in Harehills.

At that house she was put under pressure to drink some of the vodka and remembered when Bady brought her a glass it contained some white powder.

Mr McKone said tests later showed she was given Viagra, known to exacerbate the effects of alcohol.

After three drinks she was left with Bady who raped her. Afterwards he told her to get back in the car saying they would take her to her friend’s but she was then driven to the house where Gorol was a tenant in Bradford.

On arrival at around 7am, another man who saw her thought she appeared drunk and exhausted while the pair driving her appeared sober.

She turned down more vodka and the next thing she remembered was waking around 3pm on a mattress in a bedroom. She still had her top and coat on but was naked from the waist down. Gorol had left £5 for her to get home.

She reported being raped by Bady but when she was medically examined, traces of Gorol’s semen was found showing he had raped her while she was unconscious in Bradford.

Gorol at first denied knowing anything. Later he admitted he was present, but denied any sexual activity.

Gorol , 54, who used a Czech interpreter in court, admitted the rape.

Jailing Gorol and ordering him to register indefinitely as a sex offender, Judge Tom Bayliss QC said the victim was extremely vulnerable and “you took advantage of that vulnerability.”

He said while Gorol was not being sentenced for the rape in Leeds he had then put her through the same ordeal in Bradford. As a result of their actions she had been left “traumatised and feeling worthless”.

Bady, 35 of Berkeley Avenue, Harehills, Leeds, who was found guilty by a jury of rape earlier this week was jailed then for nine years.

Det Sgt Amanda Middleton, of Protective Services (Crime) said: “We are pleased with the sentences which have been passed down by the court and hope they will help to give the victim some closure. We would also like to thank the victim for showing great courage in coming forward.”