Titus Salt School in Baildon has been marked down for its performance in a new Ofsted report which states “it is not good” and “requires improvement”.

But it found that the 1,463 pupils were proud of the high-profile modern school and that overall teaching is now improving.

Inspectors observed 42 lessons taught by 41 teachers and concluded: “This is a school that requires improvement.”

They said it was not good because: l Students’ overall progress has been variable, particularly those in receipt of the pupil premium and those with special educational needs l Too much teaching requires improvement and, as a result, students are not making good enough progress in all of their lessons l Not all teachers plan lessons to get the best out of all students l Not enough students make good progress in the sixth form l And leaders, managers and governors have not increased achievement and improved teaching so that it is consistently good.

However, it praised head teacher Ian Morrel, who took over the job two years ago, for encouraging staff to increase pupils’ achievement during his tenure.

Positive comments included: l Overall quality of teaching is improving and the rate of students’ progress is starting to increase.

l All students leaving at the end of Year 11 and the vast majority of those leaving in the sixth form continue in education, employment or training.

The students were highly praised for their attitude by the inspectors.

Academically, it was reported that Titus Salt suffers from ill-prepared children arriving at its doors from local primary schools.

As a majority British White school, it also noted that its star performers came from “Pakistani-heritage backgrounds” who make better progress than other ethnic groups.

Mr Morrel said he was disappointed with the Ofsted report which he felt had missed many areas of strength.

He said: “We are already making interventions regarding those who are well below average at entry.”