Keighley cycling enthusiast Frank O’Dwyer wants local people to follow in his brushstrokes.

He is urging townspeople, particularly schoolchildren, to create artworks inspired by the Tour de France. Mr O’Dwyer, one of the leading lights in promoting the cycle race in Keighley, is supporting an exhibition of work at the town’s Central Hall. The community centre members in Alice Street asked people to submit art or poetry related to the Tour. The display is initially made up of 24 pictures created by Frank but the aim is to replace them as other pieces are submitted. Mr O’Dwyer said: “My work is to kick it off. We want schools doing projects about the Tour to bring their pupils’ work in to showcase. Central Hall is also an information hub to let people know details of the Tour.” Artists can take their work to the reception at Central Hall on weekdays between 8.30am and 4pm.