A UKIP candidate hoping to oust Bradford Council’s Tory group leader at the next elections has hit back over criticism he supported a massive tax hike.

Keighley Town Councillor Peter Corkindale (above left) hopes to create an upset by running against Conservative chief Councillor Glen Miller (above right) in the Bradford Council elections in May.

Last week, Coun Miller (Worth Valley) said he struggled to see how many people would vote for Mr Corkindale after he supported Keighley Town Council’s controversial Council Tax precept rise of 72.6 per cent in 2013/14.

He said: “I welcome anybody standing for election because I do believe in democracy, but I should imagine that UKIP will be sucking sour grapes after the elections.”

Now Coun Corkindale has hit back, saying: “So Mr Miller rolls out old news and old slurs. Yes I did support the precept rise as I happen to believe in preserving heritage for future generations and creating a civic amenity, not demolition by neglect.”