Wonderful whimsy transformed Cottingley’s Cornerstone Centre into a magical paradise when it hosted a special Faery Market.

Organiser, professional fairy, Freyja Fire Sprite said the event drew a big crowd of curious people in search of fabulous gifts and artefacts.

Dozens of stalls festooned with dream-catchers and heavy with crystals and scented candles were scoured by those eager for fairy magic.

Art work and books exploring ancient lore of the land were also on offer during the six-hour market.

Cottingley found fame in 1917 through the sensational photographs of schoolgirls Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright which purported to show them playing with fairies in Cottingley Dell.

Freyja welcomed visitors with a giant soap bubble device.

“I do a lot with schools and the library service to bring magical books alive and am doing a lot of work to spread happiness and laughter,” said Freyja, of March Cote Lane, who is a former NHS nurse..

“Fairies really are making a comeback in a big way, particularly after the success of films such as Lord Of The Rings.

“There’s a great deal of interest in natural spirits and some people take it very seriously.”