A director of a former Bradford company has appeared in court to face fraud charges, including allegations that he “acted in capacity as a doctor” to file false medical reports for use in insurance claims.

Rizwan Qayum, 40, of Elliott Street, Shipley, appeared at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court yesterday, where he pleaded not guilty to a total of 13 charges.

His next appearance will be for trial at Bradford Crown Court on Monday, April 7.

Sitting still, Qayum showed no sign of emotion as the court clerk read out the list of allegations that at the office of Idome Ltd, based in the Tradeforce Building in Cornwall Place, Manningham, he had committed fraud in that he dishonestly made a false representation, namely medical reports for eight people, purporting to be Mr A S Maarouf, while intending to make a gain in cash for himself.

There was a similar charge that he had made another medical report for one of those eight people, but this time purporting to be Dr Neil McQuire, intending to make cash for himself.

Other charges alleged that Qayum, made addendum medical reports in three of those names, purporting to be Mr A S Maarouf.

The final charge was that between October 9, 2010, and February 19, 2012, he had in his possession or under his control medical reports in the name of Mr A S Maroouf and Dr Neil McQuire for use in the course of or in connection with a fraud.

Qayum’s solicitor Saj Chaudhury told magistrates: “Idome Ltd was set up some years ago. The allegations are false medical reports were made by my client acting in capacity as a doctor. The reports were for claim management companies, forwarded to solicitors and used in county court. It’s a complex inquiry going back some years.”

Laura Mcbride, for the crown prosecution service, said the case was not suitable to be dealt with in the magistrates court because the 13 counts of fraud involved a position of trust and because of the period of time over which the offences are alleged to have taken place.

“It’s submitted if he is found guilty of all 13, the sentence would exceed the powers of this court,” she said.

Qayum is on unconditional bail until his crown court appearance.

According to Companies House, Idome was dissolved on November 5, 2013. Qayum was a director of the company, registered in 2004 under ‘human health’ activities.