Police sealed off a Shipley street after two men were injured following an apparent dispute between neighbours.

One of the men was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary for treatment and the other to Airedale General Hospital after the incident in Redburn Road at around 12.30pm yesterday.

Redburn Road was cordoned off by police after officers were called to reports of an assault. A cordon also included five houses on Bradford Road, where the two men are thought to live.

Initial reports from police suggested that one of the men may have been struck with a crowbar during the incident Neighbours expressed their shock at yesterday’s events on what they claimed to be a normally quiet side street.

A woman living opposite the houses on Bradford Road, who did not want to be named, said ambulances, a police dogs team and up to eight police cars had attended the scene.

“I didn’t see anything, but my dogs were barking as there were police dogs and so many people around,” she said. “I asked what was going on and somebody told me that two people had been fighting and hitting each other with something.

“Fighting in the street is not nice. It’s disgusting really.”

Another neighbour said: “There was a lot of commotion, but I couldn’t see what the cause was. We’ve been here five years and there hasn’t been anything like this before. It makes you feel a bit uncomfortable as you don’t want to see it happening on your own doorstep.”

A resident of one of the adjoining houses on Bradford Road said her son had initially alerted her to the incident as he left for work.

“He told me something had happened outside in the street, but I didn’t see what,” she said. “He just said some people were fighting. I was surprised to see so many police outside, as there’s not normally a lot of trouble here.”

A number of cars were caught inside the cordoned off areas, with owners told they could not be removed until photographic evidence had been gathered.

A police spokesman said an investigation into the incident, which is believed have been sparked by a dispute, was ongoing last night, but no arrests had been made.