Police are searching for a clumsy thief who stole a teenager’s bike, cycled a few feet and then fell off.

A 16-year-old boy and his friend were approached in West Park, Girlington by two men who asked if they could have a go on his bicycle.

The boy initially refused, but after noticing one of the men was armed with a knife he changed his mind and handed the bike over.

One of the men rode away and fell off shortly afterwards, but as the boy tried to reclaim the bike the suspect threatened him with the knife.

He then took the bike and rode off towards Lytton Road, followed by the other man.

Both men were described as having Eastern European accents and olive skin. They were of average build and believed to be in their late teens.

One was around 5ft 8ins tall, was wearing a black Adidas jacket with a blue logo on the back, a black Adidas hat and a black snood with a white leaf pattern on it. He was also wearing grey jeans.

The other was about 6ft tall, wearing a black Adidas jacket with red and white logos on the front. He had short black hair combed forward with a small fringe and was also wearing grey jeans.

The bike that was taken is described as a grey Diamond Back BMX.

Police have just released details of the incident, which happened at about 12.35pm on February 26.

Anyone with information is asked to contact DC Asif Khan at Bradford CID on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.