Members of Bradford’s under threat Royal Air Forces Association will battle on to recruit new members after a proposure to close it was withdrawn.

The group held its annual meeting this week which followed a call for new, younger members to help secure its future as the number of active members dwindled.

But despite the appeal only leading to one extra person at this week’s meeting, the Association voted to keep going rather than close as was feared.

Outgoing chairman Charles Ebbage retired at this week’s meeting, due to ill health. and David Bryan offered to fill the post temporarily.

The group was reassured by Pete Hudson, the recently appointed Branch Support Officer for the Northern area.

Mr Bryan said: “Mr Hudson gave an assurance that he would do everything he could to help the Branch over this difficult period. As a result the meeting agreed to make one further effort to generate support amongst younger ex RAF personnel.

“After much discussion on the issue, it was agreed that the resolution to close the Branch be withdrawn.”