A fire in an extraction unit of a Low Moor factory saw metal waste heated to 360 degrees, according to firefighters.

Crews from Odsal and Bradford fire stations were called to a fire at Cold Drawn Products on Park House Road shortly after 8.15pm yesterday.

The fire was in an extraction unit, and started when metal shavings overheated. It required firefighters wearing breathing gear and using hoses and carbon dioxide extinguishers to bring under control.

After the fire was dealt with a thermal imaging camera was used to identify areas of high temperatures. Darren Armstrong, watch commander, said: “The risk was that the metal shavings in the extraction system were so hot that we couldn’t use water on it.

“The business will have to re-build its extraction machine, because we had to take it to pieces. The metal shavings were up to 360 degrees at one point.”