Fire crews are still searching a house that caught fire last night, as they believe squatters might have been in the building at the time.
Crews from Fairweather Green, Bradford and Shipley were called to a fire at a house on Bullroyd Avenue, Four Lane Ends, at 9.10pm with reports of a person inside the house. Once they got into the building they found it packed with what they described as “an extensive amount of items” that were apparently being hoarded.
Although they found out that the owner was not home at the time, there had been reports that the house had recently been broken into, and may be being used by squatters.
Because of the difficulty getting into and around the property because of the huge amount of items in the building, the fire service has spent much of the night clearing out items and searching the house for anyone who was inside at the time of the fire.
Crews remain at the scene.