The video for Katy Perry’s new music video has been edited - following an online petition from a Bradford man who believed it was “blasphemous”.

Shazad Iqbal had wanted the Dark Horse video removed from YouTube because it showed the singer disintegrating a man wearing a pendant which read ‘Allah’ in Arabic.

The music video has not been removed, but the pendant has been digitally wiped from the scene.

Mr Iqbal said on “I cannot thank each individual enough, for the contribution made. Your support and impact has brought attention to the matter and has not gone unnoticed.”

Mohammed Rafiq Sehgal, president of the Bradford Council for Mosques, said: “We welcome the news – it is a really good gesture.

“We shouldn’t play into the hands of extremists. Things like that (the video) give ammunition to the extreme elements within all faiths.”