Briggs’ victims, their friends and families hugged one another and embraced the investigating police officers after the pianist was led off to the cells.

There had been cries of relief in court when the jury foreman announced the ‘guilty’ verdicts and tears of emotion outside on the concourse as they welcomed the pianist’s eight year sentence.

James Vaughan, who was praised by the judge for taking the first brave step to unmask Briggs as a paedophile, waived his legal right to anonymity to tell the Telegraph & Argus: “I would say to anyone else that this has happened to ‘Don’t be scared. The police will help you. Speak up. Come forward. Tell people.”

Mr Vaughan and his wife (pictured above) joined with others in welcoming the long prison sentence meted out to Briggs.

Another victim said: “You ruined our lives. You are not going to do that any more. I hope you enjoy your time in prison. You’ll have a lot of quiet time to think about it.”

Outside the court building, Mr Vaughan spoke on camera in a courageous decision he hoped would encourage other victims of sexual abuse to tell the police.