A switch in bin collection routines has left an elderly couple worried sick.

Bradford Council has stopped pick-ups from the rear of a terraced row because the lane is deep in mud and standing water and littered with potholes.

Residents of Woodhall Terrace have been told there is a risk of injury to binmen due to the state of the back lane.

But angry householder Ray Hazlett said: “I agree it is hazardous even for able-bodied men to tramp through all that mud, but it seems the Council don’t see it being so for a man who is disabled and his elderly wife.”

He said he and his wife, Joyce, cannot drag wheelie bins through the 80 yards of mud to the end of the terrace.

They can only manage to put rubbish out in binbags by their front gate.

“What can we do?” said 70-year-old Mr Hazlett, who is disabled and relies on a mobility scooter. “We are not well enough to take bins that far. I can only walk a few yards and my wife just could not manage on her own.”

Residents were told by letter that as from February 19, collections would be from the front of houses or at the end of the lane running along the back of the terrace.

The letter from the Council’s waste collection services department said: “Due to the poor road conditions, loose surface, potholes and pools of water, it is felt there is a risk of injury to employees.”

It adds the decision was reached “with regret”.

Other residents are also being hit by the new arrangements.

Mr Hazlett, a former long-distance driver, said several neighbours had to use binbags to put out their rubbish.

The couple have lived in the house since 1969 and say similar problems have cropped up before. Only last year, binmen refused to use the muddy track to collect the bins.

Mrs Hazlett, a retired nurse, said she applied for assisted bin collection last year after similar problems with pick-ups along the back lane.

“We have never had any help,” she said. “I filled in a form and sent it back, but nothing ever happened and I have no faith that things will improve now.

“After the battles we have had over this, I am not optimistic.”

Steve Hartley, the Council’s interim strategic director of environment and sport, said: “Unfortunately, when the rubbish collection for Woodhall Terrace was switched from the back of the houses to the front, the assisted bin collection that Mr and Mrs Hazlett had was not re-set up.

“We have now re-set this up and have made our bin crews aware of the situation and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Bradford Council’s Bin Policy:

The vast majority of houses in Bradford have to have a wheelie bin.

There are exceptions, such as those who need help with collections – like the elderly or disabled. These people can use binbags or have other assistance.

Equally, homes which do not have a yard or outside space could be exempt from the use of wheelie bins.

A Bradford Council spokesman said: “It all depends. But most homes across the city have wheelie bins. If someone has a problem, they should contact us and we will see what we can do.”