Actor Matthew Lewis, who grew up on the big screen as clumsy Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies, is starring in a new TV comedy-drama set in Afghanistan.

Matthew Lewis, of Horsforth, is in South Africa filming Bluestone 42, about a fictional bomb disposal detachment in Afghanistan.

He plays ammunition technician Corporal Gordon House in the series, which first aired last year. “I watched it and remember thinking I'd love to be part of a show like that. It aims to make people laugh but it's not trivialised,” said Matthew, who made his first appearance in the Christmas special.

He plays ‘cheeky chappy’ Gordon, nicknamed Tower Block, brought in to replace Corporal Millsy as number two to Captain Medhurst.

“He’s the best of the best and came top in all his classes, but when he arrived in Afghanistan he was very green and thought he knew a lot more than he actually did,” said Matthew.

“Gordon’s a lad and loves getting stuck in with the banter, especially giving Medhurst stick for being a posh public schoolboy, but he did a lot of growing up in that half-hour special.”