The crispest, fluffiest chips in Yorkshire are lovingly made by a Bradford chippie, say national potato experts.

Towngate Fisheries in Idle was today named as winner of the county’s “Best Chippy Chips” award by the Potato Council – for the second year running.

The Choice Chip Awards, run in recognition of Chip Week 2014 which starts today, reward the tastiest chips being served across the UK.

And customers of scientist-turned-fryer Mark Drummond (pictured) voted in droves to batter the competition and to ensure his perfectly cooked portions were crowned number one.

Physics and chemistry graduate Mr Drummond pays such attention to detail that the varieties of potatoes used and even the farms they come from are proudly on display in his shop He said: “We’re delighted to be recognised as the best chips in Yorkshire.”

And he proudly gave some clues to their repeat success.

He said: “Our chips are made only using the finest potatoes, usually Maris Piper, Markies or another variety grown specifically for making chips.

“Crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, they are thick cut chips as this creates a healthier product for our customers.

“We care about the provenance of our ingredients so every week we display the origins of our haddock and potatoes in our shop.

“When you visit you’ll be able to discover what the variety of potatoes we are using, where they were grown and where the haddock was caught and by which trawler.”.

And to give what he calls “that Yorkshire taste” the lucky spuds are properly dunked in pure beef dripping.

Some 63,000 chip lovers voted nationally for more than 630 shops and Stu Baker at the Potato Council, said: “Britain is truly a nation of chip lovers and Chip Week is a fantastic celebration of our great food tradition.

“It’s no surprise so many voted in the Choice Chip Awards this year – the British public feel very strongly about their local chippy and are prepared to take the trouble to vote to put their favourite on the map.”