Allotment holders fed up of constant vandalism and break-ins say those targeting them should put their “ingenuity and determination” to better use.

Anne Bell, chairman of Allerton Allotment Association, said members were dismayed by being repeat victims.

“It’s en epidemic lately with people coming and stealing produce, equipment and so on,” she said.

In the latest incident, which happened overnight on Sunday, two lawnmowers and a hedge trimmer were taken from a locked heavy-duty metal container which the group had only had for two weeks.

Thieves cut through metal pins on the door’s hinges.

The hope was that the new storage space would put a stop to the problems, but now Mrs Bell is questioning just what can be done to end the misery. She said Bradford Council put a higher fence up around the site about six weeks ago, but since then there had been at least seven break-ins.

A police spokesman said the break-in was being investigated. Anyone with information should contact 101.