A 13-year-old boy who made life miserable for residents of a Bradford estate has been slapped with an ASBO preventing him from starting fires in public and threatening people with dogs.

Jaroslav Bodnar has been given a two-year order to try to rein in his anti-social behaviour, which included threatening to set a bull mastiff dog on staff at a hot-food takeaway.

Residents of the Holme Wood estate have been asked to report the teenager if he breaks the order, which could lead to him being locked up or fined.

Social housing provider Incommunities had received so many complaints about Jaroslav that it joined forces with West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Council to apply for the order which has now been granted by Bradford and Keighley magistrates.

The long list of complaints against the teenager include that he:

* racially abused staff at the takeaway and threatened to have a bull mastiff maul them

* attempted to start a number of fires. One arson attempt in October saw him try to ignite furniture that had been left out for collection

* vandalised a children’s play area

* threw stones at windows of properties on the estate.

Among the acts Jaroslav is prevented from doing under the terms of the ASBO are:

* using foul or racist words or behaviour

* damaging any property not belonging to himself

* lighting any fires in any public place

* using threatening behaviour to any member of staff at a shop or takeaway in Holme Wood

* entering the garden of any property in Holme Wood without permission

* using a dog to threaten another person and associating with a number of other teenagers.

A poster informing residents about the ASBO has been circulated to businesses around the estate, and includes details of how they can report any breeches of the order anonymously.