A bid for £80,000 has been submitted to the Heritage Lottery to fund a project officer to help steer Craven in its commemoration of the First World War, which started in August 1914.

A decision on the application is expected by the end of February.

Throughout the duration of the five-year project, groups will be able to apply separately for up to £3,000.

The work is being spearheaded by Suzanne Callaghan, Craven Museum and Arts Manager.

Suzanne said: “The fund will last for three years, but the project will last five.

“We want to make sure it doesn’t end abruptly in 2018, but also show what the impact on communities was after the war ended in 1918 when people came home.”

The aim is to encourage communities throughout Craven to explore their links to the war, to identify individuals who were involved, record objects and explore the chances of creating oral histories.