The following have been dealt with by Bradford and Keighley magistrates: Christopher Michael Salter, aged 23, of Glen View Road, Eldwick; criminal damage, £50 compensation. William Vint, aged 35, of Nottingham Street, Thornbury; theft, jailed for seven days. Rashpal SIngh Gill, aged 33, of Leeds Road, Bradford; theft, failure to surrender to custody, jailed for three months. Rashpal Gill, aged 33, of Parkside Road, West Bowling; failure to comply with community order, dealt with for the original offence of criminal damage, theft, jailed for three months. Shamal Saeed Hussain, aged 27, of Agar Terrace, Four Lane Ends; three counts of breach of restraining order, two counts of theft, community order made, £60 costs. Jessica Faye Rhodes, aged 23, of West Royd Avenue, Windhill; failure to attend drugs assessment, one-month conditional discharge, £30 costs. Patryk Jabczynski, aged 32, of Gladstone Street, Bowling; theft, jailed for 14 days. Mark Anthony Thompson, aged 40, of Hartland Road, Holme Wood; two counts of theft, jailed for 20 weeks. Ashley Reece Bell, aged 21, of Bradford Road, Keighley; producing cannabis, £110 fine, £105 costs. Asghar Shah, aged 33, of Barnard Road, East Bowling; speeding, £200 fine, £420 costs, licence endorsed. Wakil Khan, aged 38, of Talbot Street, Brown Royd; driving while using a hand-held mobile phone, £100 fine, £220 costs, licence endorsed. Amar Rafiq, aged 26, of Waverley Road, Great Horton; driving without insurance, £300 fine, £130 costs, licence endorsed. Sajjad Ali Khan, aged 27, of Summerseat Place, Dirk Hill; driving without insurance, £600 fine, £145 costs; driving with defective tyre, no separate penalty. Jason Lees-Wolfenden, aged 40, of Broomfield Street, Queensbury; two counts of speeding, £400 fine, £210 costs, licence endorsed. Dominic Pearson, aged 26, of New Cross Street, Marshfields speeding, £400 fine, £125 costs, licence endorsed. Michael Neil Pyrah, aged 42, of Oakbank Avenue, Keighley; speeding, £200 fine, £105 costs. Dainis Stals, aged 32, of Little Horton Lane, Little Horton Green; driving a dangerous vehicle, £130 fine, £105 costs, licence endorsed; driving without a licence, no separate penalty. James Keith Andrew, aged 41, of Radwell Drive, Broomfields; speeding, £400 fine, £125 costs, licence endorsed. Thurston Rodwell Genties, aged 52, of Toftshaw Lane, Bierley; three counts of speeding, £385 fine, £118 costs, licence endorsed. Reece Thomas, aged 22, of Fieldfare Drive, Clayton Heights; speeding, £130 fine, £105 costs, licence endorsed. Adam Clayton, aged 25, of Greenville Drive, Low Moor; speeding, £125 fine, £105 costs, licence endorsed. Enid Edwards, aged 73, of Bootham Park, Daisy Hill; speeding, £50, £20 costs, banned from driving for six months. Leticia Kioma, aged 25, of Beamsley Road, Frizinghall; speeding, £35 fine, £105 costs, licence endorsed. Stephen Pedder, aged 52, of Southmere Avenue, Horton Bank Bottom; speeding, £130 fine, £105 costs, licence endorsed.

  • We wish to point out that all the information in this court file is provided by the magistrates’ court, which collates the details largely from prosecutors and the police. In calculating the amount of any fine, the court takes into account the income of the offender as well as the seriousness of the offence.