A delegation of business, political and religious leaders met in Bradford last night to discuss the global role of immigrant communities as part of their attendance on CSCLeaders, an annual conference for exceptional individuals across the Commonwealth..

Twenty-three leaders from across the world, including Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong, gathered at Mumtaz restaurant as part of a global ‘study tour’.

They met representatives of Bradford charity QED UK, which helps to improve the lives of disadvantaged ethnic minorities.

Dr Mohammed Ali, of QED, said: “This is a hugely prestigious occasion and a fantastic opportunity to explore ways in which Bradford and its immigrant communities can make a hugely positive impact on the UK’s economic and cultural life.

“We took part in this event in 1992, and it’s a great privilege to be part of it again in 2013. In 1992 when the programme was called Commonwealth Study Conference, there were 250 people from 36 Commonwealth countries and I still have contacts with people all over the world as a result.”

The 23 leaders leave Bradford today after a three-day tour. They have visited Morrisons’ headquarters, Bradford Central Mosque, Tong High School, the University of Bradford, the Ridge Medical Centre, HMP Leeds and Incommunities housing association.

They were part of a delegation of 100 who are this week visiting other UK cities including, Belfast, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

Their gathering at Mumtaz was to discuss their reflections on what they had seen in Bradford district, before meeting with the rest of their delegation in Oxford to present their ideas and solutions.

Alan Lau, assistant commissioner of Hong Kong Police, said: “Our challenge is to find out how people from communities across the world can become bridgemakers for global networks in the future.

“We have come to Bradford because Bradford has got diversity issues. It will help us understand the situation within the district. Our purpose is to immerse ourselves into the city and the district, and to understand. Half of the participants here are from the UK, so they will get to understand how people from different parts of the world look at things.”

Bradford Council chief executive Tony Reeves said: “The study tour is also a fabulous opportunity for us to showcase Bradford to the rest of the world.”