Three Slovakian men who brutally gang raped two Bradford prostitutes, one of whom was Crossbow Cannibal victim Suzanne Blamires, have been warned to expect to go to prison for about 12 years.

Jan Dzudza, Matus Tipan and Miroslav Karicka are behind bars after pleading guilty at Bradford Crown Court yesterday to conspiracy to rape.

The men admitted gang raping the two women between February 6 and March 13, 2008, together with fellow countryman Lubomir Kora.

Kora, a father-of-six, was locked up indefinitely at the Crown Court in October, 2008, for “a campaign of rape” against Bradford prostitutes.

Yesterday, prosecutor Stephen Wood told the court that Kora would shortly be sent back to Slovakia to serve the rest of his sentence.

Kora, who lived with his family at a hostel in Idle Road, Bradford, was said to be the gang’s facilitator and interpreter.

International arrest warrants were issued for Dzudza, 40, Tipan, 28, and Karicka, 45, who left the country before they could be apprehended.

In August last year, they were flown back to the UK after detectives from West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team flew to Slovakia to arrest them.

Judge Peter Benson told the men: “You have pleaded guilty to the offence of conspiracy to rape. That offence will be dealt with by a lengthy sentence in custody.”

The judge asked the probation service to assess the risk each man presented to the public before they are sentenced on February 14.

Mr Wood said: “This was a plan to rape and it was part of that agreement that violence was used to subjugate the victims if they resisted.”

In March, 2008, the men raped a prostitute in a people carrier after she was picked up in the City Road area.

Kora photographed her ordeal as she was pinned down and attacked.

Two days later, the gang attacked Miss Blamires and subjected her to a 40- minute ordeal of repeated rape and gratuitous violence.

She suffered at least seven blows to her face and gripping injuries to her arms.

After Kora was arrested on March 13, 2008, and his Toyota Previa seized by the police, the other three men fled to London and bought one-way tickets to Slovakia.