A pedestrian who was left seriously injured in the road in a New Year’s Day hit-and-run incident has urged witnesses to come forward and identify the driver.

Groundworker Anthony Rogivska, 25, was left for dead after he was run over by a black minibus carrying passengers which sped away from the scene.

Mr Rogivska, of Buttershaw, Bradford, suffered serious injuries, including punctured lungs, broken ribs and a badly broken hand, in the horrific collision on a zebra crossing.

Mr Rogivska, who is still in Bradford Royal Infirmary, said yesterday: “I could easily have died. The minibus ran over my body, but if it had been a couple of inches the other way it would have gone over my face and I would have been dead.

“After the accident I was left in pain, lying in the road. The minibus slowed down, I could see his brake lights, but then he drove off.

“I am angry that he never stopped. An accident is an accident, but to drive over someone and just drive off is ridiculous.”

Mr Rogivska had been out celebrating New Year, but says he was not drunk when the accident happened.

He was on a zebra crossing in Wibsey High Street at about 1am on New Year’s Day, when he was hit.

The 25-year-old said: “I was on the crossing and I heard my mate shouting to me. I turned round to look and the next thing the minibus hit me. I went down in the road and I felt the minibus go over. I was in a lot of pain.

“Every rib on my left side is broken, I have a punctured lung and the bone in my hand is split in half.”

PC Craig Taylor, of the Bradford Roads Policing Unit, said: “There were crowds in the area at the time, as people had just celebrated the arrival of the New Year.

“We are calling on anyone who saw this incident take place, or the driver of the vehicle, to come forward.

“It is believed the minibus was carrying passengers and may well have been a taxi transporting revellers.

“Some witnesses have described a distinctive blue sticker across the back of this vehicle and someone may have noticed this or know the vehicle in question.

“Any witnesses, or anyone with information about the vehicle or the identity of the driver, should contact the non-emergency number 101, or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555111.”